Digging in the lost archive of legendary CAM music libraries.

It took almost two years, a real sonic journey through thousands of fragments, some brand new, some derived from obscure italian movie soundracks, all released decades ago in a very limited amount and impossible to score nowadays. 

Three excited volumes, all selected, remastered and compiled by Luca Sapio with the precious help of ex-CAM employers, sessionmen and most of all Giuseppe Giacchi, the creative mastermind of CAM records. 

Highly psych-jazzy in laid-back moods, gritty italian breaks galore signed by the mighty cartel of italian soundtracks (Morricone, Piccioni, Trovajoli, Bacalov) and their tough independent competitors (Umiliani, Patucchi, Molino, Giombini, Fidenco) just to name a few.

First volume out in fall 2019.