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A mix of the raw Norman Petty's sound, laid-back 60's psychedelia and dreamy bedroom pop, Lora & The Stalkers are led by the mysterious duo of multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Alex Meozzi and the singer/guitarist Lora.

Currently working in studio with Luca on their new album.

Fronted by the singer/guitarist Lora and the multi-instrumentalist songwriter Alex, Lora & The Stalkers are in hurry.

They feel the urgency to run their new flashy album, the perfect soundtrack for this fraught and uncertain present we are all stuck in.


A fistful of songs field by Lora’s mixture of seriousness and childish mischief, lights and shadows of a present where all’s fair, no holds barred to see what tomorrow will bring.


Norman Petty, E.S.G. , Brian Wilson, I Love di Arthur Lee, Buddy Holly, Chromatics are just few tracks you will find in their schizoid  path.


Drop randomly the needle: everything is strictly recorded by analog gear, no virtual synths, no gimmicks, no tricks, never follow a trend , never strike a pose. Everything is authentic and perfectly in line with their new label motto: “ Buy today with no fear of obsolescence tomorrow”.

BFR 0108-COVER FRONT 3K copia.jpg
Colored LP          25,00 EURO        
MP3                  10,00 EURO
MP3                     1,29EURO


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