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The Venue, San Francisco, CA

Located in Pigneto, Roma, housed in a 2500 square feet loft, Blind  Faith Studio is Luca's private home studio.

The spot is going strong today with some of the most sought ought vintage analog equipment and microphones. It features a fantastic sounding and nearly 1000 sq. ft tracking room with naturally 100 years aged oak floors, a vocal room, multiple iso rooms and a vast and growing collection of instruments and recording gear.

The studio is equipped with all facilities and amenities for your comfort, included a lounge room with arcade bar cabinets from the 80's, a kitchen and a  massive  6k vinyls soulful and inspiring collection to dig through it.

Studio is hand-picked down to the wire, through the years Luca has enriched the range of our tools with a top notch selection of vintage keys, included a 1959 B3 organ Hammond (selected by Jimmy Smith himself) an original Minimoog mod. D from 1970, a 1949 Tube Wurlitzer Piano, weirdos like Tel-Ray Echoes (5 models) Binson Echorec 2, Akg Bx-20 an dozen of springs to spread the sound in an organic and tridimensional way.

An ortophonic and accurated reproduction of the sound is ensured by large diaphragm mics like Neumann U-47 (both FET and Tube) and sweet ribbons one like matched pair of RCA 77d, Altec 639 and Bk-5B (refurbished by Stephen Sank). 

A wide array of recording and repro formats are available, both analog and digital: 

2" 24 Tracks, 1" 16 Track, 1/2" 8 Tracks, 1/4" 2 Tracks linked with a powerful Pro Tools rig.

Converting from any audio source and/or mastering and help you in the process to reissue lost recordings stuck in "obsolete" tapes from the past is a challenge that we'd love to take!

Feel free to ask about rates and availability!


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