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Rome has a secret heartbeat, an underground and urgent pulsation whose memory is preserved within the walls of old recording studios, in the tales of veterans, and most of all in the grooves of the soundtracks of Cinecittà. Music that has always flirted with poetry.

Pete Molinari is a poet, and that's why his words perfectly blend with this pulsation.

That's why producer Luca Sapio chose to record "Wondrous Afternoon" among his Blind Faith Recordings and Maestro Piero Umiliani's Sound Workshop. The result is an album with a strong cinematic impact. The lesson of Motown applied to the sound of Rome. 

Backed by Luca’s crack band better known as the Italian Royal Family, Pete Molinari sings with great expressiveness and soul, embedding his words like precious stones, exposing them in all their fragility and strength to the listener.

British singer-songwriter Pete Molinari, whose talent has been praised by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, has unveiled his new single “Careless Heart“.

The song encapsulates a distinct rhythm echoing the heartbeats of Rome’s historic Cinecittà studios, reminiscent of music that once intertwined seamlessly with poetry, and is taken from his upcoming sixth studio album, Wondrous Afternoon.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Molinari says, “You know when you write something and it’s effortless & has something cool about it with so much ease. It kind of writes itself. This ‘Careless Heart’ was one of those. I felt it had a little bit of Bacharach about it to begin with, and I guess kind of tribute to him in some way. Luca retained the classic elements I love but also added something fresh, new and groovier“.

Listen to “Careless Heart” below!

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“Just Like Achilles”, The Lost Album Of Pete Molinari.


There’s a crazy story behind this beautiful record.

We asked Pete to tell you.

"Just like Achilles turned to be my Achille’s heel.

In a snapshot I went from being in Capitol Studio A with a stellar backing band in my service to being alone with my guitar in the middle of a pandemic. Also, in this mess where nobody seemed to care for a while, including myself the tapes were lost. No one knew where those reels ended up and most of all where to begin look for them. Especially through this tough time it was even strange to ask the questions.

It all looked like water under the bridge and the only way for me was to turn the page and get on to making something new until I received Luca Sapio’s call. So, we began to chip away at the stone and eventually make the best out of a weird situation because you know songs have their own life and journey and there is never really an end even if we think there is.

We started to investigate, starting from Linda Perry’s archive till the Don Was one, finally found the lost tapes somewhere at Capitol Studios vaults. It was a little agonizing but with a collective belief we prevailed and finally we can give this record the format he deserves"


In case you don’t know who is Pete Molinari consider that when Rock Legend Bruce Springsteen was asked during an interview at the Toronto Film Festival about what music he was listening to these days, the superstar said: “Pete Molinari – and if you don’t know anything about him, he’s great.” Surely you do not doubt the boss!

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