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Sugaray  doesn't take any tune for granted:

drop the needle everywhere on his "The World That We Live In" and you'll figure out in a second.

He is a living example of a dedicated hard working and clean-cut gentleman with the strenght to endure the long and sometimes heartbreaking road to success and fame.

“The world That We Live In” showing most definitely that his star is arriving with a dazzling clarity, sure to brighten our musical scene for some time to come.

Rarely does a singer appear carrying within him the gift of universal appeal that towers above tastes and trends. Sugaray Rayford is such an artist. 

Backed by The Italian Royal Family and their cinematic soulful musiciannship, his 2017 debut with Blind Faith Records, candidated to the Blues Memphis Awards as Best soul album, impressed critics all around the world, collecting stellar reviews and massive airplays.

LP                SOLD OUT
CD           12,00 EURO
MP3           7,99 EURO

"Sugaray Rayford, le géant soul à la voix d’or" 

FIP Radio (FR) 2017

Chaque morceau est joué à la rude, sans tricher, en plein soleil et – oh Lord ! – c’est bougrement bon.


De la soul langoureuse et du blues dynamique !

EUROPE1 (FR) 2017

Un colosse avec une voix puissante mais aussi beaucoup de sensibilité. 


Without doubt my fav album of the year so far hats off to blind faith records and the team behind this

UK VIBE (UK) 2017

The 10 tracker is named for a steady slow rumble with a killer hook in the chorus but what makes the cut so attractive is Rayford's world-weary, lived in soul vocal and Sapio's authentic, Golden Age soul backdrop – all recorded in analogue (of course!)

SOUL and JAZZ and FUNK 2017

Sugaray Rayford, a singer by the power of Bobby Blue Bland and Solomon Burke, has found his graceland in another continent, across the pond and over the valley, in the European city of Rome.

Wax Poetics (USA) 2017

Et dans le monde dans lequel nous vivons, mis en exergue à travers le titre de l'album, la soul incandescente et le blues lancinante di Sugaray Rayford trouvent autant leur voix que leur voie.

Rolling Stone  (FR) 2017

Ringraziamo quindi Luca Sapio, adepto del soul italiano che ha preso il colosso texano sotto la propria ala e gli ha prodotto e registrato per intero il nuovo disco.

Rolling Stone  (IT) 2017


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